Cuckoo Submitting Malware

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After learning how to install Cuckoo, now it is time to submit different types of malware. In the previous post we only learned to submit a binary exe file. Now we will see different options.

For the examples below it is assumed that you opened a terminal and your active folder is cuckoo.

Submitting a binary:
./utils/ binaryname

Submitting a URL:
./utils/ --url

Submitting a Word document:
./utils/ --platform --package doc test.doc

Submiting all other different types:
Available analsis package types: applet/bin/dll/doc/exe/html/ie/jar/pdf/xls/zip
./utils/ --package <name of package> /path/to/binary

 You can get different malware examples from the URLs below:

For the malware examples I suggest to be very careful. Otherwise you may become a victim while testing.