Create your own Dropbox like service with OwnCloud

What you need:
– A hosting account and a hostname
– PHP support
– MySQL support

Download setup-owncloud.php.
$ wget https://download.owncloud.com/download/community/setup-owncloud.php

You can also download manually and upload it to your web folder with ftp if you do not have an ssh account for shared hosting.

Goto to your address http://cloud.yoursite.com/setup-owncloud.php. You will see a page like in the screenshot below. Click Next.

I used a subdomain and a folder for my owncloud installation so I use the current folder:

This step will take some time. You will see the success message if everything is fine. Now continue to next step:

If you want to use it only for yourself you can use SQLite; otherwise click the storage & database link and change the details accordingly.

And lastly push finish setup button. Below is the initial screen. You can download the desktop client for Windows, OS X and Linux. You can also use it mobile with your Apple and Android devices.

I suggest to use it with SSL certificate so that you can use https. Https will make sure that a man-in-the-middle cannot eavesdrop your username, password and files.

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