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Noise Cancellation for Your Meetings


On of the options you can use is the build in features of the operating system. If you have MacOS it provides noise cancellation. Just select voice isolation. It is also supported in IOS.

If you do not have MacOS you can also try Krisp:

Noise Cancellation with Krisp

Noise Cancellation with Krisp

In general, it works well with most of the operating systems. Go to to download and install.

If you do not want to have software but use noise cancellation microphones with headsets a cheap alternative is “Plantronics Blackwire C3225”. Of course, there are many more different brands and models. I am just suggesting what I used. I see that the cabled headphones with a microphone are giving better performance.

You can buy it from Amazon around $50. Compared to Krisp which is $96 yearly and has sometimes glitches. The best option I think is to buy a headset with noise cancelling microphone.