Previous post: How to Install Puppet Agent in Windows In this post we will create a simple class. We will also make the necessary configuration so that the classes can be seen in Foreman. At the moment there is no class defined. Open a terminal window in your Puppet server and […]

Puppet – Your First Class

Previous post: How to install Puppet Agent in Linux In this post we will install a Puppet agent in Windows and connect it to Puppetmaster server. First we need to download the package to install from https://downloads.puppetlabs.com/windows/ The installation is very simple: run the installation file and just follow the steps. You […]

Puppet – How to Install Puppet Agent in Windows

After Puppet and Foreman Installation we will continue with “How to install Puppet Agent in Linux” post. Puppet agent installation is very easy. It has basically three steps: 1. Add the Puppet repos 2. Install Puppet agent 3. Make its configuration so it connects to server. Now lets begin with the […]

Puppet – How to install Puppet Agent in Linux

What is Puppet? Puppet is a configuration management system that allows you to define the state of your IT infrastructure, then automatically enforces the correct state. Whether you’re managing just a few servers or thousands of physical and virtual machines, Puppet automates tasks that sysadmins often do manually, freeing up […]

Puppet and Foreman Installation