How to create a free server in Amazon

In this post “How to create a free server in Amazon” post we will create a free server in Amazon. This means that you will have your own server in cloud and you can use it for any purpose. For example I will later tell in another post how to bypass Internet censorship by ssh-tunnel. In later posts I will show also some hacking practices that can be used with your server.

First step is to create an account in

How to create a free server in Amazon

After creating your account you will have a screen like below:

From the right upper menu you can select the location of your server:

Now select EC2 from the left and upper part of the page. Now we have EC2 screen:

Click “Launch Instance” and in the next screen you will select your operating system:

You can select any operating system you want. Just be sure that “Free tier eligible” is written. Otherwise you may have to pay for the service. I will select Debian from AWS Marketplace. I can use Kali repos with Debian so I prefer Debian

After selecting your operating system. Select micro instance and configure instance details:

In the next screens click: “Review and Launch” and “Launch”. It will ask for key creation to connect your server.¬†Create a new key and download it. Lastly click Launch Instances.

You will have a new screen with success message telling that it is launching the new instance. Scroll down and click Show Instances button. Now you can see your running instance:

Click the connect button above and it will give you instructions to connect:

Here you can see that I am connecting successfully to my server:

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