In this article I will show you how easy it can be to hack older Windows operating systems. We will use Armitage and its “Hail Mary” attack. Our victim is a “Windows XP SP0” and we will use Kali for our attack operating system. Armitage is a a graphical user […]

Armitage Hail Mary Attack – Hack without knowing hacking!

In this subject we will follow a step by step instruction of installing an Industrial Control System honeypot. We will use CONPOT. The URL for it is and for documentation check: The default configuration of Conpot simulates a basic “Siemens SIMATIC S7-200 PLC” with an input/output module and a […]

Creating an Industrial Control System Honeypot with Conpot

“Learning Puppet for Windows Server” is my detailed book about Puppet. You can get it from the link below: Book Description Puppet is a configuration management tool. It allows you to automate all your IT configurations by giving you control of what you do to each “node” (Puppet agent), […]

Learning Puppet for Windows Server Book – Fuat Ulugay

Check first “SSH Tunneling” and “How to create a free server in Amazon” if you need more details. In this topic we will learn how to bypass firewall that blocks SSH at application level. This will also bypass web proxy as the proxy will assume that this is legitimate HTTPS […]

SSH tunneling over https to bypass firewalls

After telling the installation of Cuckoo and dynamic analysis of the suspected software there are easier ways to do the analysis of the malware. The aim of our analysis is to understand if a file that we downloaded or sent by email is harmful or not. We will have two […]

Malware Analysis with Online Tools

Previous post: How to create a free server in Amazon After creating our server in Amazon Cloud we can use it to bypass firewall filtering and also the limitations and censorship in your country. We will use a port for the tunneling and use our SSH connection for SOCKS proxy. While […]

SSH Tunneling

In this post “How to create a free server in Amazon” post we will create a free server in Amazon. This means that you will have your own server in cloud and you can use it for any purpose. For example I will later tell in another post how to […]

How to create a free server in Amazon

What you need: – A hosting account and a hostname – PHP support – MySQL support Download setup-owncloud.php. $ wget You can also download manually and upload it to your web folder with ftp if you do not have an ssh account for shared hosting.

Create your own Dropbox like service with OwnCloud

Chocolatey is a package manager for Windows. It is like apt-get or yum. I was really thinking that the package management and installation of software for windows was a pain. Now you can have a tool to easily install and update your most used software. Installation Installation is very easy. […]

Chocolatey – Package Management for Windows